Melissa Manfull
Leviathan, Moby Dick Part 4Leviathan, Moby Dick Part 3Leviathan, Moby Dick Part 2Leviathan, Moby Dick Part 1Rising & FallingExploded View:SpiralPrisoner's DilemmaPlayfield: SymmetryExploded View: ExpansionPoint of Choice: No Possible ActionPlayfield: AsymmetryExploded View: Fixed Point 2Study for VortexExploded View:Fixed Point 1Study for Ludic SpaceUntitled (Bleu)Untitled (Jaune)Untitled (Rouge)Smoke & MirrorsUntitledUntitled A FrameDome (Soleri meet Gaudi)ReflectionInteriorFlotsamUntitledFracturedDiffusionColonyWebTransversionGrounded ScaleTriangular DipyramidTroposphereStratosphereMesosphereSpherePrismGroundTetrahedronHyperbolic ParaboloidTriangular CupolaPlato's CaveKeystoneStylobatePorticoCalciteTowersArchAragoniteUntitled (Pink, Blue)Untitled (Orange, Blue)DendritesWhispering GalleryMinaretsFoucault's SpiderChance
Current Shows:

Witty & Urbane
Fellows of Contemporary Art
May 9-July 10, 2015
Sunday June 28th, screen printing event at FOCA gallery
970 N. Broadway, Suite 208, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Upcoming Shows:

Structure and Synthesis
Rob Brown & Melissa Manfull
June 27-August 8, 2015
Saturday, June 27th 4-6pm
Irvine Fine Arts Center
14321 Yale Avenue, Irvine, CA 92604

July 24-September 25, 2015
Group Show
Angel's Ink Gallery
366 west 7th street, san pedro, ca 90731